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Sep 2019
pharmacy newcastle ! Daily Foot Care Tips

pharmacy newcastle ! Daily Foot Care Tips

The fact is that most people pay attention to their feet only when they are sick or have problems that lead to a decrease in the level and quality of the patient's activity. Foot care tips don't just mean pedicures or massages that are contrary to popular belief. There are several things that women and men can do to maintain the health of their feet!

Feet Care Tips for Good Foot Health:pharmacy newcastle

- Keep your feet dry and clean. Wash daily and apply lotion to chapped or dry heels.

- Don't cut the nail too short because it can cause infection or overgrowth on the nail. Therefore, cut regularly.

- Use pumice to soften and smooth rough skin, but don't shave or cut calluses and corneas.

- Make sure you wear clean socks every day and socks can absorb sweat so that your feet can breathe properly. Socks should not be pressed because adequate circulation is needed for foot care.

- Wear shoes that fit. Make sure your feet have enough cushion and support. In addition, the toe box should be large enough so that your feet are not compressed or clogged with pain.

- Avoid wearing high heels. On weekends or weekends, foot care should include soft, flat shoes that protect and support the foot.

- Before riding, check your shoes for obstacles such as gravel, as this can cause abrasion or changes in gait patterns.

Apart from day-to-day care, sometimes a sore foot requires a little TLC. There are some foot care tips that are suitable for every budget:

- To relax the tendons and leg muscles, especially the calf muscles, soak the feet in hot water for 20 minutes and then rub them thoroughly with cream.

- Adding Epsom salt to the water reduces pain in the legs and promotes healing.

- Try this medicine for better foot care at home: prepare a container filled with rich and black tea, then put it in cold water. This bubbling and soothing feet reduce foot discomfort and odor.

- To reduce the aroma and swelling after a busy day, lift your legs. Place a pillow under your feet for extra comfort to prevent circulation problems.

- Use orthotics on your shoes for extra pillows or supports. Another important factor for good foot care is the quality and suitability of the shoes. Foot orthosis can significantly improve the health of your feet.

- Remember that you stretch regularly. The presence of movable tendons in the legs and flexible muscles in the calf contribute to reducing discomfort and maintaining leg health. This factor is often ignored by the most cautious person at all.

- To prevent infections such as athlete's foot, wear sandals in the pool or gym and in similar public places.

There are many things you can do to protect the health of your feet. However, the foot care tips above are according to your abilities and can be easily followed by anyone, regardless of budget and time.

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