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Sep 2019
24 hour chemist stoke on trent!20 Simple Ways to Conserve

24 hour chemist stoke on trent! 20 Simple Ways to Conserve

It might be too easy to ignore how much water we actually consume every day. This is the time to stop wiping out the increasing need for water conservation. Taking the time to learn how to make your contribution to saving water can greatly improve the overall quality of life and save the planet. Here are 20 ways to save water that you can use today.

  1. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth. If you do this every time you brush your teeth, you can save a gallon of water every month.

  1. When you are watering your page, try setting the morning watering mode. Getting up earlier than watering normal grass isn't the best idea, especially for those of us who are very busy. However, morning watering protects your yard from evaporation. It can also increase overall productivity for the rest of your day.

  1. Repair tap and air-tight pipes throughout your home. Take one day every month to check all installations in your home. This should only take about 5-10 minutes of your day and not only save water but also protect your home from undetected water damage.

  1. Getting out of the shower 1-3 minutes earlier than usual is something we all must do. How often do we stand in the shower, letting water flow over us or seeing it flow when washing / conditioning hair? Although extra bathing is sometimes an important part of today, this does not need to be done every bath. Awareness of the individual role that we all play in our daily use of water as well as small steps to reduce water consumption is very important for conserving this valuable resource.

  1. Disposing of terraces or spraying the road seems to be the most efficient cleaning method. However, use a broom to dispose of all the waste first instead of wasting water to spray this surface.

  1. If you have a pond, avoid landscapes such as fountains or sprinklers. Water flow through the air accelerates the evaporation process. This results in unnecessary waste of resources.

  1. Did you know that it takes around 13 gallons of water to produce one gallon of gas? Shortcuts wherever possible, commuting, commuting, and a comfortable night are ways to save water by reducing the amount of gas used.

  1. Instead of rinsing fruits and vegetables under running water, fill a clean pan or bowl with cold water and rinse it this way.

  1. An economical way to reuse water is to water ornamental plants or even grass with the same water that you use to wash fruits and vegetables. This protects waste and protects you, your yard, and the environment.

  1. Instead of running water in the sink / shower while shaving, fill a glass or large bowl with cold water and shave this way. It saves water and time!

  1. Instead of filling the mop bucket with hot water and laundry chemicals, fill the empty white vinegar spray bottle and use it as a surface cleaner. This is a natural way to clean your house thoroughly without wasting too much water. (And don't worry, the smell disappears very quickly.)

  1. When renovating your house, install shower heads and sinks to save water. These custom-made taps reduce the amount of water lost and extra work for you in the long run.

  1. There are two ways we drink water when we let it flow to keep it warm. If the spirit is not in the bathroom while he works, waiting for the desired temperature to reach or waiting for the bathtub to light up when it is hot, this is a big waste. To isolate the pipes in your home, consider solving this common problem.

  1. When preparing tea or coffee, don't make the whole pot if you only want to drink a glass.

  1. Instead of removing frozen food from the freezer under running water for several hours before thawing, or thawing by microwave.

  1. Never start the laundry when it's not full. When washing a part of the load, energy and water are lost. Also, choose cold water to save more.

  1. If you wash the dishes by hand, half fill the sink with warm water and then turn off the water. Complicated water may not be ideal for those of us who are accustomed to drinking hot and clean water, but the water is good enough. You don't need to fill the sink completely with water even if you have more dishes than usual to clean.

  1. Align the area around your plant / garden so that plants can hold water.

  1. Avoid filling the pot / pan completely with water when cooking. Instead, only fill the container with the amount of water needed.

  1. Replace the outside hose every few months to make sure the hose is OK. Flush hoses can cause small, invisible leaks as well as water pressure that produces waste.

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